CIC 4Findit Community,- The Findit.store Affiliate Marketing Program

We welcome you to our affiliate marketing program, you are one step away from becoming a CIC (Commercial Influencer Community) The 4Findit affiliate program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers to monetize the traffic of their networks, perfect for people who want to undertake the electronic commerce business at no cost, a new way of doing digital commerce without intermediaries!

With high-quality products and programs available on the Findit.store. the differents stores can use simple link-building tools to drive their audience to their recommendations and earn on qualifying purchases and programs.

How does it work?

To start in the program of our commercial community 4Findit, and recommend our products, you do not need to pay memberships, or acquire catalogs, or look for referrals, you do not depend on a commercial location, only with your social networks you can generate your commissions and monetize your social networks

Monetize your online presence and influence

Are you active on social media? Do you have many friends or followers? FINDIT gives you the opportunity to earn money online with your community, sharing products with simple tools and bringing your customers closer to the best products and prices on the market.
Sell the best products in your FIDNIT to your network of contacts and earn money online for each sale. It’s very simple, the more you share your Shop, the more you sell!

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How to start

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How does the Affiliate Program work?

You can share products and programs available on Findit with your audience thanks to personalized linking tools and earn money from purchases and qualifying actions from customers, like signing up for a free trial

Who can join the 4Findit community?

Anyone with an online presence (not just on social media) with a certain amount of traffic (visitors) can join and become a 4Findit Affiliate Publisher.

How can I earn money through the program?

You will receive income from ascribed purchases and through the programs with the traffic that you redirect to Findit. The income from commissions that you receive from ascribed purchases and programs vary according to the category to which the product belongs, that is why you will find a red label on each product with the commission percentage you get on the sale.

In which places does 4Findit apply?

We are your best option to monetize your presence on social networks if you are initially in the United States or Colombia. You can receive your commissions by bank transfer or in your wallet with Finditcoins so that you can spend within the online shopping center.