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4findit influencer community

As a Findit business influencer, we give you the tools you need to curate the best products and easily recommend them to your followers and earn commissions on qualified purchases. As a selected member of the program, you may also qualify to be featured on the Findit site. These options make it easier than ever to engage with Findit customers and monetize their content.

Tools for Every Site

You don’t need to be a web master or developer to take advantage of our tools. You simply cut and paste to link to the product you want.

Link generator in the products

Browse any product, and you can capture your link directly from the page you are viewing. It is very important that you send that link to ensure your purchase commission.

Pictures & Videos

In the 4Findit tab you find the media provided by the seller, images and videos for you to use in your networks.

Give your customer a discount.

To ensure that your client always uses your link, we give you a discount code with your username, which is a 10% discount coupon for your client; You must remind him/her that he/she must enter it at the time of finalizing the purchase.

Variable Commissions

Commissions are paid per certified sale, and change from 0% to 15% depending on the product, at we like to make it easy, that’s why each product has a red label that tells you the percentage of the commission you will earn. The platform calculates the price automatically, your commission will be paid in the currency made in the order. There is no possibility to modify it.

We will pay you the commission monthly; you can receive it by bank transfer or we can credit your balance in your Finditpay Wallet so you can buy products.

1. You sign up and receive an approval email

After your registration we will send you an email approving your application, in which you will find your username, password and discount code for your customers

2. You log in

The platform will take you to your affiliate panel. There you will be able to see the reports of your commissions and likewise the notifications of the purchases of your clients.

3. You browse the products.

You can do it using the menu looking for the category you want. On each product you will find the red label with the stipulated value of the commission.

4. Notifications

Click on the bell and you will be able to see the notifications of your orders on the panel, remember that the commissions will be credited at the time the customer receives their product.

5.Copies the link

Click on the check, and your affiliate link will automatically be generated, remember that this link is the one you should send to your customers along with your 10% discount coupon (which is your username). The link ensures that you have your commission, so it is very important that you check that it has the /ref at the end.

6. Share on your social networks, sell and earn money

The link ensures that you have your commission, so it is very important that you check that it has the /ref at the end. , You can access product images and some videos in the 4Findit product tab.

Are you ready?

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