Findit, the perfect ally for your business, Discover how Findit helps you expand into new markets.

Because shopping online isn’t just about categories, Findit was built from the ground up to provide a specialized online shopping experience, making our platform the ideal place to sell all your products.


We do it for you!

We have our digital logistics team ready to create your store and upload your products, we don’t want to increase your work, we want to be your strategic ally and reach unimaginable markets together.

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Products are created every hour by our digital logistics team


We reach countries like the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia and many more


Satisfied users!


Visiting our virtual shopping center month after month and uploading

We are everything you need, but in one place
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To become part of our virtual shopping center, complete the form at the bottom of this page, as completely as possible. If our commercial team is interested, they will contact you.

    You can sell products that are of high commercial rotation, you should take into account that some products may require Invima registration.

    If you have been approved to become a partner with us, we will get back to you within two weeks. We ask that you refrain from contacting our customer solutions team and social media accounts regarding the status during this period. If you don’t hear back, please feel free to re-apply again in six months.